Welcome to Manoa Park


Manoa Park is a theme and family park where you will learn about the Muisca culture in a playful way.


With your family, with friends or your workmates, the Manoa Park will allow you to make different extreme activities over the trees. Here you will find suspended bridges and zip-lines that are part of our main attraction named "Arborism", ideal for daring people. As well you will be able to have other culture activities like the Giant Labyrinth, the biggest in Colombia, or other simple attractions that will transform your visit in an unforgettable day.


Based in the Boyaca department, liberty and independence symbol of Colombia, with various historical and patrimonial villages.


Manoa Park is located 15 minutes from Paipa, very visited city, famous for thermal waters, the lake and water sports.



The risk of visiting Boyacá is that will love it and you will want to stay !